McDonald’s TV starts in Vegas

Harris Corporation, a communications and information technology company, began a pilot program with McDonald’s in May that launched the fast-food chain’s branded TV channel — powered by Harris Digital Signage solutions — into 20 restaurants around the country. The announcement follows on the heels of two successful trials at the Viva McDonald’s location on the Las Vegas Strip, and an additional McDonald’s restaurant in Norwalk, California.

Each pilot location features Harris Digital Signage solutions to manage, monitor and play out digital broadcast-quality video content for the McDonald’s Channel, a unique private network. The McDonald’s Channel presents entertainment, infotainment, messaging and advertising. ChannelPort Communications will manage and co-ordinate the overall implementation of the channel on behalf of McDonalds.

Harris InfoCaster technology drives broadcast-quality video content to displays installed throughout each restaurant. The new systems are designed around file-based workflows that merge broadcast television technology and IT infrastructure. The systems will be designed and managed by Harris Broadcast Communications and Harris IT Services. Harris IT Services will supervise the entire operation from the Harris Advanced Media Center in Melbourne, Florida. Managed services include reception of programming and interstitial content, quality assurance, content scheduling for every display in the network, and remote monitoring for each location.

“The McDonald’s-Harris relationship has been essential to getting this project to the pilot stage,” said Brad Hunter, West Division marketing officer for McDonald’s. “It is comforting to know that Harris can manage this end-to-end platform, allowing McDonald’s to focus on the day-to-day operation of its restaurants.”

The three parties anticipate a pilot of several months and will then evaluate the potential for a wider rollout.

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