McCarran Airport supported by Premier Mounts

McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas has drafted in Premier Mounts to create a frame for a massive panoramic videowall. Samsung has provided 130 46” LCD screens and Premier Mounts will supply the precision-engineered modular videowall mounting frames to create four separate videowalls, one with a ten by ten screen arrangement.

“McCarran has a reputation in the industry for harnessing the power of technology to enhance customer service,” said director of aviation, Randall H. Walker. “The dynamic nature of this landmark digital video network will allow us to communicate information to our customers in an eye-catching format.”

The largest display will be installed at McCarran’s D Concourse rotunda.

According to Samsung, the 100-screen tiled formation will be the largest in a U.S. airport, measuring 33 feet by 19 feet. The ultra-thin frame around each monitor is designed to give the appearance that the tiled formation is one solid piece. Three smaller video walls will each use 10 screens to create six foot by nine foot displays that will be located at the A, B and C concourses.

Alliance Airport Advertising, which manages all of the airport’s advertising contracts, is largely responsible for solidifying the McCarran-Samsung partnership which included drafting plans for the engineering and installation of the final digital video network. Programming for each display will consist of paid advertising and airport messaging. Alliance estimates that the video walls will produce an additional $500,000 in advertising revenue for the airport each year.

"This project has taken hundreds of hours of research and collaboration between Samsung, McCarran, Alliance and the multiple contractors who will design, build, install and operate this system," said Shauna Forsythe, chief executive officer of Alliance.

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