Mall gets creative with LED

More than four kilometres of Anolis LED products have been specified and installed at the newly opened Mall of Arabia complex, a retail, leisure and entertainment centre - and the largest mall in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Nearly 4000 Anolis ArcLine units are used. The Anolis products were specified by the client’s architect Eng. Hareth, and supplied to the client, Fawaz Al Hokair Real Estate Group, via local lighting supplier Inara Co. Ltd. The deal was negotiated between Inara Co's engineer Nabeel Al-Shafie and Elie Battah, Anolis's ME regional sales manager. Al-Shafie and Mohammad Atallah supervised the installation and commissioning.

The breakdown is 3234 ArcLine 36 RGB, 240 ArcLine 24 RGB, 75 ArcLine 18 RGB and 200 ArcLine 12 RGB fixtures. These are controlled by 375 Anolis ArcPower drivers.

ArcLine LED battens are attached inside metallic coves, and are installed in a five-deep configuration running along the top of the walls just below the start of the ceiling on both sides of the mall's top floor.

Set in colour changing mode, this produces striking visual effects which help define the space, and provide an entertaining display for shoppers.

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