Lighthouse in Two Towers

Ocean Outdoor has implemented a new advertising solution on the A4 Hammersmith Foyer called ‘The Two Towers’. The solutions uses Lighthouse Technologies Pi7-ER LED screens to create two double sided towers, each measuring 5.1m x 7.6m.

Continuing their expansion of roadside digital advertising across London, exterior media specialist Ocean Outdoor has unveiled its latest innovative creation, The Two Towers. Once again, Lighthouse Technologies LED screens are the company’s preferred solution.

The dominant screens capture all inbound and outbound traffic as well as that at ground level around the roundabout.

Grant Branfoot, managing director of Ocean Outdoor, said: “Ocean chose these screens for the sheer quality ensuring that all Ocean’s clients are showcased to the highest possible level. The Two Towers, which are of unique architectural design, flank the A4 Hammersmith Flyover giving global brands dual impact.”

“The A4 is one of London’s busiest commuter routes and many thousands of people will see the screens each day,” adds Simon Taylor, general manager of Lighthouse’s Northern Europe office. “It is hugely satisfying to be involved in this landmark digital solution and we look forward to working with Ocean on more pioneering outdoor media projects.”

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