Library overhauls AV

Caribbean Entertainment Technologies (CET), audio-visual, pro audio and lighting design company in the Caribbean, has recently completed a major project for The National Library and Information System Authority (NALIS) at the National Library of Trinidad and Tobago, Port of Spain, Trinidad.

The comprehensive and integrated systems were divided into five subsections. The first is a complete audiovisual Archiving facility: a dedicated audiovisual server system for the repair and conformation of many different formats, both digital and analogue, of printed, audio and video media; the conversion and compression of this media to a fixed data format. The system incorporates the facility for the in-house indexing, age rating, cross-referencing and cataloguing of each piece of stored material to allow for the retrieval of the material at any workstation on the network that has the required software application and equipment.

The second subsection consists of a complete MATV distribution system, used to retrieve audiovisual content from specific building presentation areas via camera and microphone access and its redistribution via MATV to any video equipped room in the building. The system allows recording of audiovisual content of any presentation from rooms and for the generation of material for use by the audiovisual server. The system distributes almost any format of audiovisual footage to any of the building locations that have video display capability. This system is integrated into the building MATV system.

The third subsection was the sound and lighting for the outdoor amphitheatre, and incorporated a sequenced power system and portable stage riser. Located outside and between two wings of the building, the facility is used for public art related performances, including the hosting of theatrical, musical and dance productions, and for press/media gatherings and other presentation events. Because the facility is open to the elements, all equipment was specified as weatherproof or portable where necessary. The installed sound system is based on Community’s all-weather R-Series loudspeakers and consists of two R2-52Z 50 x 20 degree, 3-way long throw, full-range loudspeakers, two R2-474Z 70 x 40 degree 3-way medium throw, full-range loudspeakers and four R2SUB vented dual 12” subwoofers.

CET chose the Community R-Series for their durability and outdoor rating, along with their high SPL capability with both the short throw and the long throw versions providing a controlled dispersion which matched the space perfectly. CET also favoured R Series provision of both full-range and sub loudspeakers with the same dimension, allowing a system where patrons of the facility see only one shape of enclosure. CET reports that the system has already been used for numerous plays and cultural events and that the facilities management is thrilled to be using a high quality, permanently installed system that is fully weather-proof and can keep up with the Caribbean’s taste for loud sound systems.

The fourth subsection incorporated a cinema/projection room facility for movie theatre applications, using video format footage and surround sound audio, and the capacity for full multimedia presentation and lecture/training applications. The room also has the ability to present footage from the AV server over a network connection.

The final subsection was for a comprehensive array of portable equipment for any type of presentation or recording that could be used anywhere in the facility. The portable equipment includes an assistive hearing system, capable of three language simplex interpretation, and a conference system.

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