LED leads the way into Schaan

The town of Schaan in Liechtenstein has implemented a new information system which incorporates a three by three panel (1.92m x 1.44m) Lighthouse Pi10i/o-SMD-FRA indoor/outdoor screens. The displays are located on each of the town’s four main approach roads.

Schaan has a population of around 6,000 people and is the biggest town in the Principality of Liechtenstein. The screens were installed after the construction of a new concert hall and community centre.

Information technology company, Mediasens AG, installed the new screens that welcome visitors and displaying news about local events and other relevant information.

Janez Zigon, Lighthouse CEME sales manager, said: “As it is not a commercial installation, the price/quality issue was a factor, but we worked with them to ensure that four screens could be provided within the budget they had available.”

Control for the screens, operated and maintained by Mediasens, is via four Lighthouse LIP-SX processors.

“The community council decides on the content, which is typically a welcome message, followed by information that is relevant to both visitors and residents,” says Zigon. “This can include upcoming events, announcements, reminders about important local news and so on. Different designers are hired by the community centre to create the slides, then Mediasens is in charge of distributing and monitoring the content using Scala programming.”

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