KPMG Denmark gets a new auditorium

Given a blank canvas and no budget limits, Danish systems integrator Stouenbourg was encouraged to design the auditorium of dreams for KPMG Denmark to go into the company's new offices in the city of Frederiksberg. Chris Fitzsimmons reports on the results.

When international accounting and consulting firm KPMG Denmark set out to design and build a new national headquarters it sought a building that reflected the company’s values of Quality, courage and vision.

Engaging architects 3xN to help realise the project resulted in the creation of a unique office facility, intended to be striking and yet remain completely functional as a venue for interdisciplinary co-operation and knowledge exchange. The 33,000 square metre site in the city of Frederiksberg is made up of unusual shapes, skewed angles and bewildering lines.

At the heart of building, amongst meeting rooms and offices lies an auditorium designed to seat an audience of 450. That sounds simple enough until you factor in 3xN’s asymmetric design and the fact that it also needed to be a space that could be divided in two isolated theatres if necessary.

Find out how systems company Stouenbourg solved the problem with a combination of dual projection and clever signal routing as well as a powerful distributed sound system, by reading the article in the June edition of InAVate’s ActiveMagazine.

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