K-array onboard with Silja ferries

AUTHOR: Inavate

Silja line, a ferry company that operates boats on the Baltic sea, has chosen K-array speakers to handle audio in two shopping malls onboard its Serenade and Symphonie ships. The speakers handle speech, background music and audio for small performances.

Estonian company, Eventech, supplied the speakers for the project and used the same set up in both ships: 38 K-array Kobra KK50 speakers, with 19 ultra-slim high powered KU36 sub-woofers. The speakers were placed up high, 6m (20') apart, along both sides of the shopping mall. The sub-woofers were also up high 12m (40') apart between the speakers. Using Lab.gruppen amps and XTA Loudspeaker management systems, Eventech were able to divide the sound system into four zones, with low and high divided evenly between each zone.

The KU36 is entirely air-tight, having been sealed to ensure no particles, such as dust, salt, or micro organisms can enter into the speaker-case which is important for products used at sea.