K-array in flagship clothing project

Clothing brand Bryan & Barry has opted for K-array loudspeakers in its new flagship store in Milan, Italy. The store spans more than 1500m² and its 17 display windows on the first floor have been transformed into a videowall comprising 153 LCD monitors.

The restructuring was under the care of architect Eliana Citterio and the building is situated on one of Milan's main shopping thoroughfares.

The sportswear area has been designed with a DJ station for special events, so speakers had to be able to support this.

K-array were selected and Daniele Colzani of Elemedia handled the installation, placing several Vyper KV50s down the walls of each level. KKS50 subs, used to balance the frequency response of the system, have been hidden above the highest surfaces of the furnishings, which house the Bryan & Barry clothing lines.

Only slightly more visible are the Kobra KK50s which have been positioned both in the entrance, where the sound pressure had to be slightly higher, and in the "Club" area in the basement where the DJ zone is located. Here, the two KK50s are reinforced by a robust KL12 sub, which creates a "disco" effect.

All the passive K-array speakers are piloted by KA10 and KA10-10 amplifiers, which are housed in a control room. A digitial Ecler MIMO88 mixer allows audio in all of the areas of the store to be remote controlled using a WPTouch.

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