Israeli events hub gets RCF system

Maagalim, located in the city of Yavne, is one of the most prestigious events halls in Israel and was recently equipped with a complete RCF sound system.

The complex is built around a major round hall with adjacent smaller halls decorated as niches of various cultures each with its particular characteristics and decor.

Eitan Glickman of Halilit, the RCF Distributor in Israel, handled the project. The request was for a sound system that could serve both for an entertainment purpose in the dance floor and for background music amplification in the sitting areas.

The main goal to achieve was to enable different sound pressure levels for the various parts of the venue.

Glickman programmed the RCF DX4008 Digital Sound Processor to create an audio installation based on a main active system supporting four delay zones. This means the dance floor area has a high SPL that does not interfere with the background music for the seats that share the same open space and have a different volume in order to allow people to chat.

TT22-A, high power two-way systems, and ART902-AS active subwoofers compose the main system for the dance floor while the other four zones have been provided with MQ80, MQ50, MQ50C and MQ60 speakers. ART Series subwoofers provide bass enhancement also for the bar and seats areas.

All aspects of sound and lighting were accomplished in co-operation with the Gil Teichman Company.

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