Ikea implements evacuation system

Baldwin Boxall’s Vigil Evas system has been implemented in the flagship IKEA store in Wembley. Installed by Logic Fire Systems Ltd, the fourteen-zone emergency voice alarm / public address system should ensure that, should a situation arise, clear, pre-recorded instructions will be heard, minimising panic and aiding safe evacuation.

The system will enable visitors to the store to hear clear general public announcements, listen to background music in the restaurant and be made aware of the stores latest special offers. Baldwin Boxall s reputation for building robust equipment means that the system can be relied upon to work when needed, without delay, which is vital for emergency situations.
The system is accessed by a combination of microphones, each with descending priority; all-call emergency fireman’s microphone, Evas 16-zone rack-mounted control panel, three 16-zone paging microphones and two local hand-held microphones. There is also a satellite input providing advertisement and spot announcements to public zones and a background music facility.
Controlling the system is a Vigil2 Evas BVRD2M DSP-controlled router and a BVRD2S slave unit. The BVRD2M is a feature-rich unit, which now forms the heart of many voice alarm installations throughout the world. The system, including the VIGIL2 D-class amplifiers (totalling an impressive 7,780 Watts) is housed in three 38U racks.
Commenting on the project, Andy McPartland, director of Logic Fire Systems, said: "We were delighted to win the contract for this landmark store. From the outset it was clear that the Evas system could easily fulfil the complex specification."

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