Igloo Vision opens immersive demo centre in Rotterdam

UK-based immersive tech company Igloo Vision is opening a new demo centre in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, its first in mainland Europe.

The new centre was launched on 13 April in partnership with flexible working space company HNK, in HNK Scheepvaartkwartier in Rotterdam’s Maritime Quarter.

The demo centre includes an Igloo shared immersive cylinder of the type that has been installed by Igloo clients such as Accenture, bp and Microsoft, as well as more than 40 universities around the world.

The space will be available for companies looking to learn about using shared immersive tech for visualising data and designs, collaborating in a much more productive meeting space, simulation for training and teaching, entertaining engaging experiences and more. It will also be open to content creators and software vendors wanting to test interactive, 360° or VR content and programs.

The shared immersive cylinder will be open for demos every Tuesday and Wednesday.

As the site is following strict COVID-19 safety guidelines, all demos must be pre-booked.

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