Iconyx Steerable arrays used for Obama acceptance

US President Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace prize acceptance speech marked the debut for Olso City Council Hall’s new Renkus-Heinz Iconyx IC32 system.

The scarcely visible system, with IC32s and matching subwoofers handled both the Nobel laureate’ speech and musical performances.

The main audio system comprises of a pair of IC32 digitally steerable arrays, supplemented by CF121M active monitors and PN212 active subwoofers. The cabinets are custom coloured to match the surrounding architecture, mounted flush to the walls.

Mixing was handled on an Allen & Heath iLive 112 with an iDR-32 I/O feeding the internally powered IC32s. The President’s speech was delivered through a pair of AKG C747 microphones.

The system was originally installed and operated on the day by Benum, Renkus’s Norwegian distributor. Project design technician Sverre Jossund commented: “The hall itself had very hard acoustics, with highly reflective surfaces, which is why we specified Iconyx. It was the perfect sound system for such an occasion.”

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