IBM headquarters in 3D

IBM has turned to CPP Studios to provide a complete media solution for its new German headquarters. CPP implemented a 3D digital signage solution, installed equipment throughout several auditoriums and created a centrally controlled conference room solution.

Oliver Günther, project manager of CPP Sudios, said: “The Neets control - EU Professional was very useful for the IBM project, because it allowed us to integrate the Medianetwork we had planned“. Furthermore the Neets Central Control software gives the possibility to check the state and even control the control systems in all the conference rooms, making it very suitable for this project.”

In total CPP Studios has installed 57 Neets Control – EU Professional and 59 Neets Audio Amplifiers version two and version three in order to control the audio visual equipment required in the project.

The simplicity of a control system was a crucial point and the main feature that Oliver Günther, project manager at CPP Studios, pointed out was that you only have to press one button to the start the show. This was also one of the reasons why a touch panel was disqualified.

The Neets Control – EU Professional used in the IBM project, can access all vital functions of large screen projectors. At the same time the Neets Control - EU Professional controls screen, light, DVD, VCR and any other relay/LAN/RS-232/IR controlled device. The system has two RS-232 ports (bidirectional), two IR ports, four I/O – mainly for relays, and a LAN connection.

The Central Control software enables IBM to monitor and control thebuilding with installed Neets Control - EU Professional panels. It provides an overview on critical information such as lamp- and filter hours. Furthermore the program enables control of the panels individually and in groups, from one central computer.

CPP studios used the RS232 loop thru feature of the Audio Amplifier version two to connect a VGA Switcher. Furthermore they used two audio inputs from the amplifier and used the RS232 to control the amplifier via the Control EU System.

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