Huge mounting challenge met with Unicol

Oslo Central Station has employed a 100-screen videowall to provide travellers with digital information on arrivals and departures as part of a modernisation programme across Norwegian public transport.

AV-Design AS has integrated what is being hailed as the largest optically enhanced LCD videowall in Europe. The 100-screen monster, dubbed G-Wall, covers an area of nearly 60m² and replaces a display powered by fluorescent tubes and installed in 1999.

Forty-six inch LCD TFT bonded screen from manufacturer, GDS Displays were chosen for the videowall. The screens boast narrow bezels with the manufacturer claiming that from a distance the gaps between the units are seamless.

AV-Design were chosen for the Oslo Central Station project after successfully delivering a similar system at The National Theatre Station. In both projects, AV-Design used customised Unicol brackets to meet the challenge of mounting huge displays.

Find out full project details can be found in the full article in InAVate Active magazine

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