Hotel chooses D.A.S. for expansion

The SunRay Hotel, 20km from the city of Dnepropetrovsk, has expanded its grounds, installing D.A.S. audio systems for sound reinforcement. The hotel created a new restaurant, divided on two floors and incorporating three distinct acoustic areas.

Indigo Music, D.A.S. distributor for Ukraine, installed eight white Variant 112A units. For bass reinforcement the Variant 18A systems were used. Two of them were installed in the cluster and four were ground-stacked. The complete installation is controlled with a DSP-26 digital signal processor and powered SML 12A systems were used to provide stage monitors as occasionally, small live acts perform at the restaurant. A mobile system, comprised of RF-112 and RF-10 systems, is also available for clients.

Flush mount Ceiling Series speakers were selected for background music and paging, both in the terraces and in the first floor indoor area. Ten CL-6 models were installed in the terraces. These CL-6 units are driven via DSP-26 processors and powered though D.A.S. CSA-600T amplifiers.

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