Hospital TV comforts patients

AUTHOR: Inavate

Medicana International Hospital in Turkey has turned to Cayin for a digital signage solution designed to bolster communication and expand the hospital’s brand name. The solution incorporated six SMP-PRO3 media players and one CMS-Mini server.

Microkey and Nets Security in Turkey handled the deployment that assists patients in gathering information, such as hospital facilities.

SMP-PRO3, the zone-type digital signage media player supports AV-in function and video playback. It broadcasts 10-minute live news coverage from the CNN Turk channel and doctors’ speeches/interviews through 18 screens (32” to 46”) allocated throughout the hospital’s waiting rooms and areas.

Medicana International also deploys one Content Management Server, CMS-Mini. Data can be updated and synchronised to all players at one time and all players can playback designated content at the right time and the right place through central scheduling from the server.

The hospital claims that the digital signage system helps to comfort anxious patients while acting as a medium for it to broadcast information about preventive medicine to improve public health effectively.