Hong Kong retail space upgrades LED

Lighthouse Technologies has supplied apm, a Hong Kong shopping and commercial complex with a 4mm LED screen. The complex, owned by Sun Hung Kai Properties is situated in East Kowloon and has retail spaces open until midnight, restaurants until 2.00am and entertainment spots until dawn.

The complex’s name is derived from a combination of am and pm, reflecting its late night shopping concept, with retailers opening from early morning until midnight, restaurants until 2am and entertainment spots until dawn.

The Lighthouse P4-S LED screen has a brightness of 2,000 nits, measures 7.04m wide by 3.84m high and is arranged in an 11 by 8 panel configuration. It is situated between apm’s UC and L1 floor concourse. It was completed in July and replaces a Lighthouse 10mm pixel pitch screen.

“A challenge of the installation was the need to have a product that allowed maintenance from a very narrow service area behind the screen,” said Peter Chan, managing director of Lighthouse. “The construction of P4-S allowed us to meet this requirement.”

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