High-tech attraction hides in revamped chicken shed

The Max-Planck Institute for Ornithology in Radolfzell, Germany has transformed a chicken shed into a modern visitor centre. The research institute employed high-tech projection and coolux’s Pandoras Box show control products to spark public interest in the field of ornithology.

Infrared camera tracking is used to create a motion-controlled keymask for animated clouds on a projected world map. Four coolux MediaPCs merge images from four-gigabit infrared-cameras.

Visitors’ interaction and movement actively brushes the projected clouds aside, once the main room has been entered. This effect was created with two Pandoras Box Servers with DVI-input. Four projectors, set up in Softedge mode, project the interactive world map and the clouds onto the ground of the visitor centre.

Every step the visitors take across the map causes the clouds to move a bit further away, only to reveal detailed bird migration routes.

Ten Pandoras Box Players are used for running the ten projective-capacitive touchscreens, that are positioned behind custom-made glass surfaces. Two Pandoras Box Players run the main screen as a virtual device in order to be able to function as a live backup system.

Multiple Widget Designers are used on site in order to receive and process interaction signals that are then transmitted back to the media equipment.

On the content side the available show elements consist of 16 thematically structured main themes, that include 2000 individual animation files, supported by 5.1 surround sound files, played out using Tru Audio in-ceiling speakers and an RCF subwoofer.

The visitors can access all of the 16 themes using one of the ten available touch screens on site.

One main touch screen is used for show control and can be accessed through a hidden log-in.

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