Graffiti Bar invites customers to touch

Tokyo’s Graffiti Bar in Japan has installed a multitouch display installation consisting of seven 46” and seven 32” MultiTouch Cell LCD units as bar-top and lounge tables, as well as two large wall-projection screens.

The applications employ an interface that includes interactive visual effects, a multitouch menu for bar patrons, and information capture on patron’s VIP cards and drink glasses.

MultiTouch worked with Green Light Productions on the Graffiti Bar installation, which is located in Tokyo’s Roppongi area. It is targeted toward a high-end clientele, and seats 120.

Patrons can draw their own graffiti on the MultiTouch displays, browse drink and food menus, interact with their waiters, play games, and watch media content provided by the bar.

Interactive special effects, including virtual champagne bubbles and lightning bolts, react to touch and objects placed on the tables. VIP cards placed on the MultiTouch displays will trigger VIP content. All content is remotely controlled from the MultiTouch Control Interface, located behind the bar.

Hannu Anttila, vice president of sales for MultiTouch believes the bar is a “template for the future of public information display, and how entertainment in restaurants and bars will be consumed”.

“Bars and restaurants have evolved in the past four decades from table screen implementations of videogames, such as Pong, to large-screen projection t.v.s and, of course, high-definition displays, for patron enjoyment,” said Mike Verweyst, owner of Green Light Productions.

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