Google Cloud partners with TeamViewer to deliver AR on Google Glass

TeamViewer, a provider of remote connectivity and workplace systems, has announced a new partnership with Google Cloud to bring its AR services to Google Cloud.

Through this partnership, TeamViewer and Google Cloud are co-developing and co-marketing enterprise AR systems built on Google Cloud to better serve customer needs.

The first jointly developed solution ‘Assisted Order Picking’ is a hands-free order picking application that uses Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 smart glasses equipped with TeamViewer’s vision picking software from its Frontline suite, focusing on improving omnichannel fulfillment for grocery stores and retailers.   

Connected to a retailers’ or grocers’ order fulfillment systems to update inventory in real-time, associates receive the information they need to fulfill the orders within the display of Google Glass.  This heads-up display capability enables associates to use both hands to locate and pick the correct items, improving pick rates anywhere from 15-40%.  At the same time, it provides new data insights to retailers servicing the increasing demand from customers for buy-online and pick-up in store (BOPIS) and same-day delivery options. 

This announcement builds on a partnership initiated with Upskill, a supplier of industrial AR products, acquired by TeamViewer in March 2021. 


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