GLS bolsters pan-European comms

General Logistics Systems (GLS) has saved money and the environment with Tandberg videoconferencing systems, according to the parcel service provider. GLS has taken receipt of 23 Tandberg systems, originally connecting its main offices in Germany, the Netherlands, France and Italy.

Then systems were rolled out to another 20 European offices.

Talk & Vision, Netherlands based videoconferencing specialist, supported and advised GLS helping to choose the 23 Tandberg systems, which include a Codian MCU (Multi Conference Unit) and a Tandberg Management System. The MCU is used to set up multipoint calls when more than two locations are involved in a meeting. Talk & Vision also delivered and installed all of the systems throughout Europe.

GLS have 32 central trans-shipment points, 680 depots and 13,000 employees. Some 19,700 vehicles move 335 million parcels a year for 220,000 customers throughout Europe.

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