Genelec to open G innovation lab with recruitment challenge

Genelec will soon open its G innovation lab in Kuopio, Finland, launching a discovery event pitch challenge to recruit a team of ‘start up minded’ individuals.

The discovery event pitch challenge will take place from the 23-24 August 2021 with a hybrid/live online event organised with Finnish talent experts, Pondi.

The event will allow job seekers and entrepreneurs to present their ideas to a panel of senior personnel at Genelec, allowing aspiring innovators to find out more about Genelec, and to show the panel how their ideas can grow the business.

Opening in August 2021 at the KPY Novapolis Microkatu, the G innovation lab will be the new workplace of talented workers with a shared interest in the audio industry, beginning work in the autumn of 2021.

Siamäk Naghian, managing director, Genelec, commented: “The ongoing transformation in our society, technology, industries, and audio community is profound and extremely exciting. Our own success as a company has always been fuelled by individuals determined to push the boundaries of their imagination, and we see the G Innovation Lab as an essential vehicle for unleashing the hidden creative potential existing in our local community, and attracting new talent to the region.”

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