Genelec employed to create “sound cube”

AUTHOR: Inavate

Marimekko, a Finnish clothing and textile brand, is using Genelec speakers to create “3D sound” in four new shops. The company employed MorrowSound True 3D, a sound processing software designed to create clouds or atmospheres of sound modelled on the way sound is heard in the real world.

The new audio solutions has been installed at outlets in Berlin, Malmö, and two in Helsinki.

Marimekko is a Finnish design house known for bold patterns and colours. The company employed MorrowSound® True 3D developed by Charles Morrow Productions (CMP). The company says True3D is a sound processing software that creates clouds or atmospheres of sound modeled on the way sound is heard in the real world. This is achieved through an 8.1 Cube set up: which is an audio format and a setup like mono, stereo or surround sound.

The 8.1 Cube at Marimekko is comprised of eight Genelec speakers positioned four up and four down, in eight corners of a virtual cube for each core module. The True 3D software uses the 8.1 set up to form a sound a sound cocoon or cloud that envelops the customers. The sound is not at ear level, and does not beam down from the ceiling in an effort to remove awareness of sound coming from individual loudspeakers. The sound content constantly changes and moves mimicking how sound behaves in nature.

Jeremiah Tesolin, brand development manager at Marimekko worked on the design of the system. His previous experience includes working as part of Nokia’s global brand team before joining Marimekko in April 2010. Developing a new audio identity for Marimekko has been a key task in his new role.

“Previously, the sound systems in Marimekko stores were pretty basic, for example simple 2-3 speakers hooked up to an iPod. With the new flagship stores we’ve decided to take the audio experience to another level. We’ve created a blend of architecture, sound and lighting that supports the product and brand. As part of this new system the Genelec speakers are superb. They both sound and look great - the white finish blends nicely with the interior. Furthermore, the integral amplifier means we save on space and installation time.”

The installed 8000 Series Genelec models in the shops include 6010A, 8020B and 8030A 2-way active loudspeakers combined with 5040A active subwoofers.