GAES diagnosis relies on dBTechnologies

GAES, hearing health specialist, has chosen dBTechnologies’ K300 loudspeaker to assist with part of its precision hearing test carried out in its hearing centres throughout Spain. Each centre will be fitted with speakers with a view to roll the system out throughout the world.

“As new clinics are opened and older speakers need to renewed, the K300 is proving to be ideal for us,” explains Carles González Soto, electro sales manager at GAES. “These speakers are great quality, whilst being small enough to fit in the clinics.”

The K-300 is a compact, two-way active speaker, featuring a digipro bi-amped digital power amp to deliver high performance and sound pressure levels. They have a 1“ HF driver and integrated DSP.

The K300 is used in 'free field' hearing tests, which are run by GAES professionals to help detect the existence of hearing problems, and determine what treatment is needed.

GAES opened its first hearing centre over 60 years ago now has more than 500 hearing centres around the world. The company also manufactures Microson hearing aids, distributes hearing equipment from companies such as Siemens, Phonak and Starkey and is the exclusive Spanish distributor of cochlear implants, Cochlear.

Raul Ablanque, technical consultant at dBTechnologies in Spain says, “We have provided GAES with 42 K300 boxes already, and there are a further 500 laboratories which will need upgrading over the next two to three years.”

The Spanish company’s hearing centres can be found in Portugal, Italy, Turkey, Argentina and Chile.

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