Furman powers up Oakley tour

Furman’s PL-PRO DMC E power management/light module is being used by Oakley, to protect sensitive A/V equipment in the company’s “Rolling O Labs” in Europe. Part of Oakley’s High Definition Optics demo tour, the “Rolling O Labs” are self-contained, 40-foot trailers taken by Oakley to sporting events to provide public demonstrations of their product development and test procedures.

Oakley’s HDO tour has been a great success in the United States, and now the company has taken the "Rolling O Labs" to Europe. The objective of the tour is to show professional athletes and consumers real test equipment used in the Oakley lab, offering people a first-hand look at what goes into making Oakley sunglasses a superior product that not only offers protection from the sun, but protects the eye from any kind of damaging contact.

Speaking to InAVate, Ryan Evert, O Labs manager at Oakley said: "To keep things exciting for visitors on the tour, we use a great deal of high-end A/V equipment in our ‘Rolling O Labs’. Each trailer contains a custom-built racking system where these electronics are housed. To protect the sensitive equipment from the wide range of power issues we encounter from location to location, we used Furman’s equipment, maintaining a consistent flow of current and keeping the equipment performing at its best."

That equipment includes three 55" Samsung LED-lit displays, for marketing visuals and video playback, and a number of sources. These include a satellite TV receiver, Blu-Ray DVD players, DVD players and Sony PS3 consoles for internet access.

The new European trucks were built on the lessons of the ones used to tour the USA. These had experienced some power management issues, due to the extensive use of air conditioning and the generator based power supply.

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