Fraunhofer takes immersive cinema up a gear

A number of groundbreaking Fraunhofer technology developments have been brought together in one immersive cinema solution. Anna Mitchell visits the Fraunhofer HHI TiME-Lab in Berlin.

The Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute (HHI) in Berlin is exploring and pushing the boundaries of how video content is captured, processed and displayed for immersive experiences.  

Researchers at the Institute’s department for Image Processing have been exploring immersive media for more than ten years in a journey that has seen them constantly strive for higher resolutions and wider aspect ratios in the content they display.

For Christian Weissig, a project manager within the department, that journey is far from over as he continues to work with his team to bring together developments in transmission and coding technologies to deliver larger, higher-resolution images. 

The team’s work has culminated in TiME-Lab. TiME stands for Tomorrows immersive Media Experience and the Lab was initially a 2D solution, developed in October 2009, using seven projectiondesign F30 projectors.

Now, in a major upgrade, Weissig’s team has used 14 projectiondesign F32 projectors to deliver an Infitec-based passive 3D-projection system.

Content is shown in 7K resolution on a 180° panaromic screen that measures 3.35m by 12m. Audio is immersive too and delivered through 120 loudspeakers using wavefield synthesis. 

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Apart Champ-4 amplifier
Behringer Ultramatch Pro signal converter
Iosono wavefield synthesis solution
RME MADI converter

Dell PowerEdge servers
Fraunhofer HHI Cineboxes, custom mounting solution
Infitec 3D glasses
Projectiondesign F32 projectors
Rosendahl nanosyncs HD multistandard sync engine
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