Evoko manages meetings for Unitedlog

The Unitedlog Group has implemented a room management system at its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. The company has installed Evoko Room Manager units outside six of its conference rooms, allowing room bookings and indication of occupied rooms.

“The bookability of our meeting rooms has increased since we installed Evoko Room Manager. People’s behaviour has changed, and we take the opportunity to book spontaneous meetings when we happen to pass the screen and see that the room is free. We now know when the rooms are free, and this means that we avoid double-bookings,” said Jimmy Tjärnlund, CEO of Unitedlog Group.

“The Evoko system makes our offices seem more professional and I can’t imagine not having it now. It’s connected to the Internet and our Outlook and even if I’m not in the office I can log in remotely and reserve a meeting space. Also, if you’re in a meeting and it’s running over you simply extend the meeting by one hour or so. If this interferes with another booking the system will let you know.”

Tjärnlund concludes: “The touch interface is incredibly simple and intuitive; you don’t need any training or instruction. It’s actually very similar to my iPhone, if you can use an iPhone you can use Evoko.”

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