ESPN and Disney implement signage

The newly rebranded ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at Walt Disney World Resort has implemented a digital signage network using X20 Media’s Xpresenter software.

Content will be delivered to a network of digital displays, including a front gate news ticker and baseball stadium jumbotron. The suburban Orlando, Florida, sports complex was re-launched on February 25 bearing the cable-sports channel’s look and feel throughout the 220-acre facility.

Disney and ESPN have installed 42 HD video cameras at different venues throughout the complex, another ten handheld cameras, and 40 HD video screens, including jumbotrons above the welcome centre and inside Champion Stadium.

X2O's Xpresenter 3.0 distributes 34 channels of highlights and real-time content to the complex's HD screens, which include multiple real-time data sources, such as weather, news, and live tournament results. All content is displayed as high-resolution 3D graphics and animations in a style closely based on ESPN's on-air brand. Users work within the X2O Portal to manage assets, schedule content, monitor each channel's output, and control various playout functions. Content is managed by multiple users, each assigned appropriate roles and permissions. Content can be scheduled a year in advance for playout at any time on any networked screen.

The Xpresenter platform is also driving content on the baseball stadium scoreboard during games as well as a giant circular ticker display at the park entrance with real-time news and announcements. The system will display the familiar ESPN BottomLine — sports news, game scores, and other live information from the sports world.

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