E.ON updates control room with videowall

E.ON has bolstered control room communications with a Samsung videowall, specified by integrator Ginsbury Electronics and installed at its Kingsnorth Power Station. The 3x3 460UT display is supported by six 42” Mitsubishi screens that show K TV, the station’s personalised channel, throughout the premises.

The information displayed in the control room is essential to the plant’s operations. From here, operators monitor plant data such as energy produced, environmental factors, and running performance.

Ginsbury sourced the screens from distribution partner PSCo, with the special projects team handling the installation.

Steve Varley, product manager from Ginsbury, said: “Kingsnorth required a new central display to replace a rear projection display which was problematic in terms of viewing angles in the bright environment, as well as being expensive to maintain. We worked with Paul Childerhouse to specify a 460UT Samsung videowall because of its performance in high ambient light conditions and ability to perform in 24/7 applications. The installation was completed within two days so as to minimise any disruption.”

The screens were installed on PSCo’s Screenlifter solution, to negate the need for on structural work on the wall. The screenlifter is an automatic lifting solution, which allows the screen to be raised to any point up to 3m in the air.

Steve concluded: “This was also beneficial to us from a distribution perspective as we installed the PC and distribution amp in the base of the lifter with the signal travelling up the leg. This made the system look tidy and ensured that there were no stray wires which would have been a health and safety hazard.”

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