Dynacord keeps fit in Norway

Large fitness club chains in Norway, including the recently opened SATS Metro and Elixia facilities, are using Dynacord amplifiers. Presentation Data, an AV specialist headquartered in Oslo, has worked with Dynacord for many years and says it has recently identified fitness clubs as a market well suited to receive the equipment.

Presentation Data largely uses Dynacord amplifiers to drive its installed speaker systems.
Johan Hovde, sound sales manager at Presentation Data, claims to have identified a segment of the market for Dynacord amplifiers are particularly well suited: fitness studios and wellness centres. Recnent installations include SATS and Elixia, two fitness clubs in Norway.

"The great advantage of Dynacord amps," says Hovde, "is that you can use them for both low-impedance and 100-volt installations. Furthermore, every channel is freely and individually configurable."

Several Dynacord DSA 8805 and DSA 8405 amplifiers are installed in racks in the equipment rooms at the recently opened SATS Metro and Elixia facilities, whilst all the aerobics and cycle rooms are equipped with small mixers and CD players.

"It is better, on the whole, not to leave the amplifiers in full view of the members," states Hovde. "For one thing, it looks tidier; and for another, amplifiers are things best kept far from the clutches of would-be 'sound designers’."

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