DV Signage and Prysm Systems launch joint Collaboration-as-a-Service offering into UK market

Workspace company DV Signage has formally tied up with Prysm Systems as the two companies prepare to launch a joint Collaboration-as-a-Service offering into the UK market.

(image: L-R: Richard Cobbold of Digital Signage and Tanvir Osama of Prysm Systems)

DV Signage, a long term Prysm Systems partner across Asia, has been building immersive collaborative spaces using Prysm Systems’ 6K LPD Prysm 135, 190 and 225-in displays and content management systems for management consultancies and IT firms including EY, Deloitte, IBM and Accenture for more than five years.

Prysm Systems and DV Signage are now planning the launch of a joint UK purpose-driven, Collaboration-as-a-Service proposition as a direct response to the Work From Home (WFH) revolution. Post-pandemic business leaders face new challenges and opportunities in devising effective strategies for the burgeoning demand for hybrid (home and office/workplace) working, as the Blended Workplace concept takes shape.

Richard Cobbold, founder of DV Signage, explains the value of working more closely with Prysm Systems to ensure his firm meets changing workplace requirements as businesses consider how to respond to working practices after lockdown:

“The WFH revolution has all but eliminated the office requirement for designated workspace. By the same token staff no longer should be required to come to the office to do their work. Instead, we see firms re-imagining their offices as branded venues that stimulate, inspire and enhance group collaboration when employees do to come together.

“We are going to be building and operating state-of-the-art collaborative spaces – either for renovated and right-sized headquarters or new satellite locations closer to where clusters of their employees live.

“We ensure these spaces are highly accessible, we surround them with technical support and specialist training capability – and ensure that each and every time their teams get together, the purpose of that meeting is achieved, creativity is unlocked, deals get over the line, and those that cannot physically be there have the same quality, immersive experience as those that are.”

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