Dutch town chooses Dynacord for festivities

The Frisian Street Festival in the Dutch town of Leeuwarden sees the town’s streets and squares converted into a single giant stage for acrobats, musicians and actors. This year, on the two main stages, Oldehoofsterkerkhof and Gouverneursplein, a large number of bands provided a programme of wide-ranging music.

Local rental company, GV Audio, assigned a Dynacord Cobra system to each of the two stages. For the Oldehoofsterkerkhof, the company opted for a flown Cobra-2 system comprising twelve Cobra Tops and Cobra Subs. Four Dynacord H5000 power amplifiers supplied the power. For the Gouverneursplein, GV used a stacked Cobra-4 system comprising eight Cobra PWHs, four Cobra-4 Tops and two Cobra-4 far-field cabinets. These were driven by two H5000 and H2500 power amplifiers with integrated RCM-26 modules that made the comfortable operation and remote supervision of the devices possible.

GV Audio also provided support for other events taking place in and around Leeuwarden. In the "Poppodium Romein", the sound reinforcement for a talent competition, the 7th annual "Homenoizfestival", came from a Cobra-2 system comprising four Cobra-2 Tops and six Cobra Subs.

Furthermore, well-known Dutch rock band Vangrail, also relied on GV for its concerts in Kornhorn and Noordijk. Six Cobra-2 Tops and Cobra PWH Subs provided support.

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