Dubrovnik’s new terminal goes for L-Acoustics

Dubrovnik Airport has chosen L-Acoustics to handle sound at its new Terminal B. Croatian distributor, Dicroic installed a system of 108P coaxial enclosures in two rows of eight.

The terminal was opened by Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor.

One row of speakers was installed on the ground floor and the second below the roof on the third floor. Built-in microphones on each of the eight gates on the ground floor can notify travellers in any part of the terminal, using any combination of the 108Ps, from one localised speaker to the entire terminal.

“We’ve managed to get extremely good results in this large area in terms of excellent sound coverage without reflection, with a relatively small amount of enclosures,” says Slaven Tahirbegovic from Dicroic.

“The 13,700 sq m terminal can handle more than two million passengers a year. The opening marks the latest stage of reconstruction of Dubrovnik Airport, in line with the recommendations of the IATA (International Air Transport Association) and international standards.”

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