Driving force: Unique LED videowall boosts sales in France

A leading car dealership in Lyon is attracting the attention and custom of locals thanks to a dramatic 23 metre-long LED videowall unique in France. Charlotte Ashley finds out more.

Sitting  on  a  busy  one  kilometre stretch  of  motorway  on  the outskirts of Lyon, France, it wasn’t always  possible  to  differentiate  car dealership  Starterre  from  nearby concessions.  Yet  following  the  introduction  of large-scale LED technology it is now attracting greater  footfall  and  new  business  by  carefully catering  advertising  content  for  inside  and outside its 30,000 m 2  exhibition space.

“Starterre are a big car dealer here and they only have one showroom so they really wanted something  with  the  wow-factor,”  says  Yann Laurençon,  digital  manager  at  IPOView,  who proposed a 23m x 2.3m videowall to dramatise the  retail  experience.  Offering  a  resolution  of 5,760  pixels  in  length,  the  wall  can  be  seen from the nearby highway that outlines the city. Planning how to install the necessary LED tiles in  the  heart  of  the  showroom  and  in  between the cars and first floor offices, however,  presented  numerous challenges. “We hadn’t worked with a screen of this size before,” says Laurençon.  “It was completed on budget, but we  had  some  problems  with finishing  on  time  because  it was very difficult to implement the structure of the videowall, and  we  had  to  make  some modifications  to  the  mounting  structure.”  The display was installed overnight by a three-person team that had to carefully position the 168 Absen N4 LED modules on a single concrete column.

“For  the  wall,  we  used  Telologos  Editor’s software and a player with four outputs because the  resolution  is  quite  high,”  says  Laurençon. Content  advertising  offers  and  specific  models displayed  throughout  the  day  is  switched  to target  outside  the  building  during  peak  travel times.  “We  are  working  with  them  to  link  the videowall  to  Google  Traffi c  in  real-time.  This means that in the evening when the traffic is busier they can automatically switch the content to short content.”

“Starterre  is  delighted with the wall because since it has been installed, they have recorded a considerable  increase  in visitors who are coming in as a result of seeing the  promotions  on  the  screen.”

The brightness of the wall is managed by a sensor that regulates intensity depending on the light outdoors, as well as ensuring it meets the environmental and highway regulations in France. Laurençon says Absen tiles were chosen for their small  cabinet  sizes,  as  well  as  being  the  most cost-effective  option,  with  power  consumption of 25,000W per hour at 100%. “That’s around 25% less than other suppliers, which of course impacts the life-span of the project.”

internal display totem advertising car at Starterre car dealership in Lyon

Three 55-in capacitive touch screen terminals help visitors quickly navigate the 2,000 new and used cars and 30 brands on display in the hall. Running the same signage software, the kiosks switch to presenting  information  about  the dealership  (e.g. a presentation  video,  opening hours and adverts) when not in use. Prospective buyers can also sit down at 42-in capacitive touch desk to explore options, positioned at the side of the showroom.

The  display  was  finally  switched on in September  2016,  seven  months  after  IPOView won the project. For the car dealership, the results are  already  noticeable; “Starterre  is  delighted with the wall because since it has been installed, they have recorded a considerable  increase  in visitors who are coming in as a result of seeing the  promotions  on  the  screen.”  Its long-range brightness and time-specific content has also forced the local competition to react. “Since the installation we have already been approached about two projects in the same area with other car dealers,” concludes Laurençon.


Absen N4 LED display

iBase signage player

HUMElab 42-in TOMA touch panel

IPO Technologie 55-in totems

Magnimage videowall controller

Nova brightness sensor & sending boxes

Telologos Editor Media4Display software

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