Denmark’s oldest building chooses K-array

K-array has been chosen for the Gjellerup Church in Herning that was built in 1140 and claims to be Denmark’s oldest known building. The church’s pastors wanted an unobtrusive system and approached MAVT, a K-array distributor, for a solution.

The audio layout was designed using SMAART software, which calculated the necessary coverage for the surface area and shape of the church. Jan Hansen, owner of MAVT, Denmark, together with colleague Andreas Gunnel, installed two KK100s, staggered at the front of the church and augmented by two KN10S subs, with two KK50s halfway down the nave of the church. A third KK50 was employed at the front, behind pulpit and the main front speakers. This 50cm speaker, as well as providing a monitor for the preacher in the pulpit, is directed towards the transept, where there is seating for another 60 people.

As this area was not covered by the main speakers, two wall-mounted KT20 Tornados were hidden in the wooden frame above the seats. The delay for the speakers could be calculated speaker by speaker and a button command was included in a control panel near the door to alter the speaker delay times for different sound configurations.

The installation was routine in some ways; the company had equipped a number of similar-size churches (approx. 35m x 20m) before. Jan Hansen explained that there were few surprises with the set-up.

“It worked just as we thought. Similar to a number of churches in Denmark. The software is very easy to use and although the church has some parts which are hard to reach, it was not hard to calculate the necessary adjustments,” he notes.

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