Dataton gives Samsung wings

Samsung has embarked on a digital signage campaign, incorporating a Dataton Watchout multi-display presentation and production system, to promote its LED Live televisions. The resulting campaign featured a six metre high hummingbird that can be flown above public areas.

Samsung Electronics Australia worked with its branding agency, Jack Morton World Wide, to promote the image quality of the company’s latest flat-screen TVs. The hummingbird concept they conceived was a stainless steel structure covered with TVs of various sizes and mounted at different angles.

The hummingbird’s stainless-steel infrastructure was built by Concept Craft, and playback of synchronised video content on the screens was handled by Interactive Controls Pty Ltd.

Dean Stevenson, managing director of Interactive Controls, said: “In total there were 26 screens bolted onto the giant hummingbird, and we needed a way of mapping images across those screens. Because the whole motivation behind the project was to show off the quality of the screens, we had to do all this without compromising the images at all.

“Watchout seemed the obvious choice. As well as maintaining image quality throughout, it offered us the flexibility to rotate images so that they matched the hummingbird’s various screen angles, to tailor the image to different screen resolutions and pixel densities, and also to use a number of other features such as cluster control and screen masking, which are used in different configurations depending on whether the screens are showing identical single images or parts of a much larger image.”

Interactive Controls integrated Dataton Watchout servers with a Medialon Showmaster show controller and Netgear Gigabit Ethernet switches for AV signal distribution. Remote control of the system was handled by a 10” wireless tablet from DT Research.

For this project, Samsung partnered with the Australian Film Institute (AFI), to create a nationwide competition for aspiring film and digital content creators to develop a 60 second short film or digital content piece that told a story that encapsulated all the things that it wanted its LED TVs to stand for (connectivity, slim design, energy efficiency and picture quality).

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