Daktronics lights up Paris nights

Paris’ Theatre Le Grand Rex has lit up its historic façade with LED displays from Daktronics. The company manufactured and designed two vertical displays, approximately 11.8m x 2.7m in size with pixels on 23mm spacing.

Daktronics manufactured and designed two vertical displays, featuring LED video technology, that replaced fixed banners, previously used for promotion.

Three custom, curved LED displays were also installed horizontally, mimicking the façade of the building, the displays measure approximately 1.83 meters high by 25 meters wide (six feet high by 82 feet wide).

The displays relatively light and can be serviced from the front.

“I’m proud to have worked with this historical theatre on such an amazing project,” said Alain Castelbou, Daktronics France, sales manager. “Everything looks great. It couldn’t have turned out any better.”

Every hour a theme will repeat on the two vertical displays. The content will relate to the current season, displaying snow falling, a beach, underwater views and blooming flowers. All of the displays will also provide information to customers about events, concerts and movies, currently playing or soon to come.

“Le Grand Rex wanted their displays to not only share information such as show-times and dates, but also to exhibit entertaining and dynamic content to attract tourists,” said Stef Manning, account manager, Keyframe. “The content we produced for the theatre was meant to do just that by incorporating 3D characters that interact with and move between all of the displays. What we produced was well received, and I anticipate future content requests.”

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