D.A.S. supports Motocross

D.A.S. has contributed to many Motocross Freestyle tournaments in Spain with rental firm Telemag de Lorca, S.L., led by José González Jr. deploying systems from the Sound Touring and Compact series at contests held in cities including Lorca, Alicante, Valencia and Burgos.

The bull fighting arenas of these cities sometimes attracted more than 15,000 spectators for the event. Forty systems from the Sound Touring series, together with eight Compact-2 units powered the sound to match the dare-devil stunts performed by participants on bikes and even quads.

This season also featured several Supercross tournaments at venues such as the Bizkaia Arena in Baracaldo, which hosted one of the rounds of the European Supercross Championship. The San Sebastian based company Soinua, headed up by Jorge de la Torre, took charge of installing D.A.S. powered Aero 28A line array systems. A total of 28 model CA-28A systems and ten CA-215A subwoofer units were deployed in six arrays and flown from the ceiling of the Bizkaia Arena.

Four thousand cubic meters of earth, enough to fill 350 high capacity dump trucks were used to ready the track for the huge jumps of the riders and their machines. This Supercross spectacular featured metal jumps at the finish-line, a huge lighting show, a 30 square meter giant screen.

Finally the traditional Spanish Motocross Championship, a vintage tournament that this year celebrated its 50th season, also turned to D.A.S. The contests included one held at the La Vega de Albaida Circuit in Valencia, which was recently remodelled and equipped with a new public address and messaging system, using D.A.S. BiDriver units.

Valencian company Betadreams, S.L., directed by Francisco Bosch supplied and installed 11 D.A.S. BiDriver systems that form the whole PA and messaging system. They were flown on four towers distributed in different areas of the track. The main tower was situated in the central zone and featured six units that provided coverage across all spectator viewing areas. A further three towers were equipped with five BiDriver units and deployed across the length of the paddock area.

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