D.A.S. in Spanish festivities

D.A.S. Aero systems were used at “La Galanía”, an event held in Castellón in honour of the Queen of the Magdalena Festivities, María Mulet Ripollés. The event took place at La Pérgola Exhibition Centre and included a live show made up by a series of passages which portrayed the origins of the city of Castellón, its patron saint’s “troballa” and the role of the matrons, ladies-in-waiting and the queen of the festivities.

For this magnificent show, featuring a live orchestra, sound and lighting was handled by Villarreal based Equip’s Só i LLum, S.L. For the sound provision, the technical crew in charge of the installation turned to D.A.S. Aero line array systems.

To ensure consistent sound coverage throughout the venue, four Aero 38A systems were used, plus another eight Aero 28A systems, arranged in two linear clusters and placed at both sides of the stage. Each of these clusters consisted of two Aero 38A systems, to which a further four Aero 28A systems were added, flown from the former by means of the AX-Combo rigging adapter. Four powerful D.A.S. Aero 218A 2K subwoofer systems were placed at the edge of the stage for low-frequency reinforcement.

“La Galanía” marks the start of Castellón’s popular festivities, which takes the audience back to the origins of the city, recalling how the city was moved from the top of a hill of Magdalena down to the fertile plain along the coast in the year 1251.The celebrations go on for nine days starting on the third Saturday of Lent.

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