Cyber criminals target VoIP services with DDoS attacks

Cyber criminals are hitting IP-based service providers with DDoS attacks in the UK and around the globe, as part of a reported extortion-focused international campaign by cyber criminals.

A wave of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks have targeted IP-based communications service providers over the past four weeks, making machines or network resources unavailable by disrupting services of a host connected to the Internet by flooding the bandwidth or resources of a targeted system.

Speaking to the BBC, a Comms Council UK spokesman said that they were unable to specify how many companies were affected, describing the scale of the cyber onslaught as “unprecedented”.

Eli Katz, chair, Comms Council UK, said: “We are liaising closely with the UK Government, National Cyber Security Centre, Ofcom & international agencies to share information and details about the nature of the attacks in the expectation of halting this criminal activity as quickly as possible.

"As our members supply telecoms services to critical infrastructure organisations including the Police, NHS and other public services, attacks on our members are attacks on the foundations of UK infrastructure. We are confident that, with a joined-up Government-led initiative, this damaging criminal activity can be halted.“

Photo credit: Who is Danny, Shutterstock

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