Cutting edge education

Erasmus University in Rotterdam has undergone the first phase of an upgrade programme with a total budget of €40m. Chris Fitzsimmons went along to look at one of its major campus buildings which has evolved into a totally digital architecture as part of an ambitious and thorough pilot scheme.

The Erasmus University in Rotterdam is investing heavily in new teaching methods, new equipment and new thinking to become a high-tech beacon in the country’s competitive higher education market. A pilot programme has been initiating in one of the university’s buildings to test the template for complete digitisation of Erasmus’s AV signal chain.

The account manager for systems integrator Hulskamp Audiovisueel was Theo van Hemert and over-seeing the project for the university, facilities manager Peter van Baarle.

“We had a few key goals for the project,” said van Baarle.
“Firstly to create a good teaching environment – the temperature, lighting and seating all have to be good as well as the acoustics of the rooms. Secondly we wanted connectivity, both internally and with the outside world. That means streaming of content both live, and on demand.
“Internally we wanted to be able to remotely manage our equipment, which we have achieved with AMX RMS, and we wanted to make the most of all the content we create.
“We also wanted scalability and reliability for the long term, and we wanted the system to be easy to use for the staff, and easy to maintain for my team.”

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