Courthouse goes for aesthetic install

The Omsk General Court in Siberia has tried to retain the historical character of its courthouse with a Nexo line-array sound system. The system was specified in white to compliment the sky-blue walls and white detailing.

Design and installation was handled by Light Sound Systems (LSS) Company in Omsk City. A solution had to be found to tackle the challenging acoustics of the courtroom, which has a ceiling height of nine metres, and large picture windows down one side of the room.

Nexo Geo S8 arrays were claimed to minimise problems with reverberation. Left and right arrays of tangent-array modules (5x S805 plus 1x S830 in each array) were mounted high on the wall, providing dispersion for the 170m² courtroom. Four CD12 sub-bass units provide low frequency output. Additionally, the courthouse has a small PS8 system, which remains portable and can be used anywhere in the building. Camco Vortex 6 amplifiers have been used to power the S8 arrays and the CD12 subs.

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