Community at the races

Michigan International Speedway has revamped its 119,500 seat venue turning to Community for more than 200 R-Series weather resistant loudspeakers. The grandstand seating is covered by 77 Community R2-947s and 59 R.5 with 90x40 and 90x90 degree coverage patterns.

The project was overseen by consultant Jack McCallum of Wrightson, Johnson, Haddon & Williams (WJHW), with installation performed by Lansing-based I.Comm Corporation. The project involved replacing nearly all of the Speedway's existing loudspeakers. I.Comm's Joe Osypczuk explains: "We had installed eight of the Community R2-474 loudspeakers at MIS back in 2000”, he says, "and when we went in this year to begin this project those R2s were still in great shape, despite having been out there 365 days a year through ten Michigan winters. Those were the only speakers that stayed”.

Turns three and four received 40 R.5HPT systems, while the fan walk areas were provided 10 R2-94Z loudspeakers. Out at the entrance gates, 16 R.25-94TZ loudspeakers welcome the fans. The grandstand system is powered by more than 195,000 watts of Crown amplification, with BSS London DSP handling the system processing.

Osypczuk continues: "The contract was finalised in January, and we had until the end of May to complete the job. We had to install all of the new grandstand loudspeakers along with 91,000 feet of new cable and the associated conduit that was required, all during a severe winter and one of the wettest springs on record. Fortunately, after several weeks of delay, the weather co-operated for long enough for us to get it done”.

In addition to the new grandstand loudspeakers, the track's Infield Perimeter has been upgraded with a total of 57 Community R.5HPT weather-resistant loudspeakers, each mounted atop 20-foot steel poles and utilising 14,000 feet of new direct burial cable. "Years ago, most racetracks mounted the loudspeakers on the wheel fence”, says Osypczuk "But there's been a growing trend toward moving them away from the fence, both for safety considerations and to improve sightlines.

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