Churches upgrade with Vaddio

Vaddio has provided Sound Hill Technologies with a multifunctional camera setup for use in Baton Rouge, Los Angeles based United Christian Faith Ministries. A standard definition camera system with remote functionality was selected for the Ministries’ new facility

United Christian Faith’s general contractor, Mid-South Construction, contacted Tim Hill of Sound Hill Technologies to help with the audiovisual design and integration for the new facility. Hill opted for a Vaddio standard definition camera system with remote functionality. The camera design includes a ProductionView FX camera controller/switcher, a PreView Triple 5.6 Rack Mount Monitor, two WallView 50i PTZ cameras, a Quick-Connect 4 power, video and control wiring centre and the Add-A-Cam PRO with Canon XL-2 Pro Camcorder. All of the rack equipment is housed in Vaddio’s ProductionView Rack Console.

The WallView 50i PTZ cameras are wall-mounted on the left and right sides of the parish for recording the choir and pulpit areas. Each camera is controlled remotely with a single operator using the ProductionView FX PTZ controller/switcher and Quick-Connect 4 wiring centre. (Cat. 5 for power, video and control).

The Add-A-Cam Pro with Canon XL-2 Camcorder is placed in the back of the room. “The Add-A-Cam PRO XL-2 is in the back of the building, on the rear wall, up on a platform,” explained Hill. “This camera is a live camera with a person operating it, offering the capability for ‘roaming’ or for staying in one place, yet it cuts out the need for an additional camera guy.” This camera is also running power, video and control, via Cat. 5, back to the ProductionView FX for a seamless two-person operation.

“Because of Vaddio’s Cat. 5 cabling system there is no need for any additional electrical hookups. Power, video and control all run via Cat. 5 to the same head-end - the ProductionView FX controller and switcher,” explained Hill.

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