Churches unite through sound

When two new churches were recently built adjacent to each other in the Romanian city of Oradea (Nagyvárad), the Transylvanian Baptist community were keen to install up-to-date professional audiovisual systems in both which would work independently, but could also work as one system when needed. Hungarian audio specialists Studiotech Hungary were appointed to supply and install the system.

Located in the Rogerius area of the city, the main building is known simply as the Rogerius church. As the larger of the two, this hosts the major worship services, along with a wide range of musical performances.

Here Studiotech Hungary installed a Yamaha LS9-32 console. A Yamaha SP2060 digital loudspeaker processor is used to control the church loudspeakers, while the console’s Omni outs are used to feed several XH200 amplifiers which provide 100V line signal for a number of ancillary rooms of the church, where wall-mount and ceiling speakers are located for the local PA.

Adjacent to the Rogerius church is the smaller ’Gypsy’ church. Also home to both worship and music events, here a dedicated PA system was installed comprising Yamaha Installation Series IF2208 and IF2108 speakers mounted on the walls, with IS1118 sub-woofers positioned under the lectern and AX12M monitors onstage.

The speakers are driven by Yamaha XM and XP series amplifiers, controlled by another SP2060 processor, which controls the entire PA including the AX12M monitors.

“Space is always an issue in houses of worship, the LS9-32 console and SP2060 processors are ideal for such installations because they provide great system flexibility in a physically small space,” says Stefan Zeiger, commercial audio product manager at Yamaha Music Europe.

“In addition, the small size but superior power and audio reproduction of the Installation Series loudspeakers mean that there is no compromise with regards to the aesthetics and sight lines of a church.”

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