Church shows off services

Vaddio PTZ cameras and high-end camera control systems, supplied Avcon, an audiovisual contractor, with an HD solution for capturing video in the sanctuary at Hayes-Barton United Methodist Church in the USA.

Because it’s one of the oldest churches in Raleigh, founded in 1937, maintaining aesthetics and elegance of the main sanctuary was a major concern, explained Avcon president Frank Yarborough. “We had to find HD cameras that would look reasonably elegant in the space because this project required the technology be present - but not seen.”

Yarborough chose three WallView PRO H700 three-chip camera systems for use in the main sanctuary. Each system records services for distribution to shut-ins, web and podcasting and video distribution into the Fellowship Hall and Parlour. One camera, hanging from the balcony, offers views of the platform and is mounted in a box so only the lens is visible. A second camera hangs to stage right of the chancel area, offering a bridal/congregation view. The third camera is hung one-third of the way into the sanctuary in the centre of the space. Located in the control room, the ProductionView HD controls the three sanctuary cameras. Because of the systems interconnectivity, Hayes-Barton plans to expand its outreach through streaming video services on the web.

The 60-year-old church has grown into a 2600-plus congregation providing multiple services, bible study groups, children’s worship, youth groups and educational classes. In addition, Barton-Hayes hosts musical performances, praise band and choir practice, and administrative meetings throughout the Fellowship Hall and sanctuary.

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