Christie Enhances NASDAQ MarketSite Video Wall

The 14.6m (48ft) long video wall whose MarketSite content rapidly became known as the face and information center of The NASDAQ Stock Market has had a technology upgrade

A total of 96 Christie TotalVIEWâ„¢ rear projection engines driven by 13 Vista Systems Spyders were specified in the upgrade, whiich was required enhance the brightness and clarity of the images and provide the highest level of reliability for 24/7 operation.

The upgrade has enabled the display a variety of content, including still and moving video, plus flying windows of any size or number – including a span across the entire 14.6m lower-tier screen for a total pixel count of over 56 million.

The MarketSite Video Wall’s upper and lower tiers are driven by 13 Vista Spyders. Despite the size of the wall, the Spyder offers one point of communication to control the entire display. It controls windowing movement taking a source and panning and zooming within that source. The Spyders also allow for window drop shadows and keying in a blue or green screen by cutting an image from one video source into a background image from another video source.

Clark Williams, vice president of windowing and compositing at Christie and president of Vista Systems, Inc. adds, “The Spyders not only provide improved wall performance but will allow NASDAQ and interested parties to achieve unprecedented image control and presentation. Presenters will no longer be limited to one image per cube but can create large multi-million pixel images anywhere and everywhere on the wall.”

In addition, a new mini-wall, which serves as a backup studio in the second floor’s event space and press conference area, has been configured with Christie rear projection engines and two Vista Spyders. The mini-wall has eight Christie TotalVIEW RPMSP-D100U rear projection engines with SXGA+ (1400 x 1050) resolution configured in a 4 x 2 array. It displays an 5.7m (18.7ft) wide image composed of more than 11 million pixels across eight Christie CSP70 cubes.

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