Burger King goes digital

Burger King has overhauled its menu boards updating many restaurants with digital signs. The fast-food chain turned to LG Electronics and Instoremedia to install LCD Menu screens.

The screens are replacing traditional translite displays and are hoped to drive sales, increase flexibility and reduce operating costs.

“The screens are cost-effective, and in line with the ongoing refurbishment of our restaurants,” Mel Edwards of Burger King said. “We use animated content to drive sales, while immediate price and product updates give us a competitive advantage”.

“We have already seen a good up-sell from a recent screen campaign,” franchisee Django Fung of Zing Leisure said. “We plan to install the solution in more restaurants moving forward”.

The Burger King menu board solution utilises six LG4213 42”, LG3702 37” or LG4224 42” commercial LCD flat screen panels running a mixture of animations and tariff information. The screens are mounted over the counter, can play HD content and are controlled by three Instoremedia Dual Players.

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