Bottoms up for interactive tabletop

Projection Advertising has completed an installation at the new Mont Tauch Vineyard visitor centre in Languedoc, Southern France.

The company was asked to create an interactive centrepiece in the visitor centre of one of France’s most notable wine regions. They were tasked with delivering a content rich solution, capable of conveying the history, tradition and heritage of the vineyard through a high tech, interactive, multi-media experience. The concept was modelled around Projection Advertising’s existing hire product, the AdTable, a 42" ‘through-the-glass’ touch screen encased in a high-end cabinet with an embedded PC. The AdTable utilises invisible touch foil from Paradigm and the final product was a custom designed cabinet with a bespoke finish.
Projection Advertising used on-site manufacturing facilities and CNC technology to design and build a sleek body in which to integrate the Paradigm interactive touch foil.
Based around a Windows operating system, the table can support content created in all traditional programming languages as well as websites.
A custom Flash application was designed to deliver the information in an intuitive, user-friendly way as well as incorporate a data-capture function enabling the vineyard to log contact details and gather statistics on usage. The tables were set-up so that the application auto-booted on start-up making the finished product a genuine plug-and-play solution. "You have drag and drop elements and it is as easy as navigating a website," said James Bradley, Projection Advertising account manager.

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